Includes :
Warranty, maintenance and spare parts for two years

Special Features: The TechOzone ozone generator comes equipped with 4” ozone output and fresh air input spouts. 
These Spouts will hook up to a drier vent hose or other 4” hoses. This feature allows the installer the route clean dry air into ozone generator or route the ozone to where it is needed.
Supply Gas: Ambient Air
Control Options: Low/Off/High Rocker Switch, Variable Output Control, One Shot Timer Standard on all
Models.(36 hr one shot timer settings as follows: (10, 30, 60min, 2, 4, 8, 12, 18, 36, & 48hrs)

Weight & Dimensions: 25”L X 5”W X 6.25”H / 158mm H X 128mm W X 625mm L / 10lbs.

Electrical: 220 ~ 240 VAC, 2 Amps, 50/60Hz 
Cabinet: Stainless Steel Chassis with High Strength CPVC Cabinet and ABS 4” Plastic
Maintenance: Under heavy duty use or severely polluted areas, inspect the UV tubes and Mica Plates or fine dust build up collection on UV generator and mica plates surfaces. Light duty use require cleaning every 2 to 12 months depending on the severity of the dust in the feed air. In severe dusty conditions, cleaning can be as often as 4-6 weeks.

Uses: TechOzone ozone generators are designed for use as high output shock treatment
tools. With the added benefit of adjustable output control for use in offices and other
occupied areas. Ideal usage in garbage compactor, industrial restoration, auto
detailing, mold remediation, crime scene cleanup, etc.
The TechOzone ozone generator is designed for treating a smaller rooms up to 
65 sqm, or for occupied areas up to about 743 sqm. The TechOzone ozone generator
will easily reach 3.0 ppm. In a 30 sqm space in about 1 hour treatment, or 1.5 ppm
in 65 sqm. If you are planning to use it in occupied areas such as an office, in a 
25 sqm area it will raise the ozone levels to about 0.05 ppm. If you have ongoing
odour problems or you have some other on
Going contaminants problem then this will be okay but if you do not then it may be
too much ozone for your needs. If this is a living environment such as a care home
then it should be a minimum area of 35.0 to 42 sqm so that the ozone levels do not
exceed 0.03 ppm.


TechOzone™ Series


TechOzone™ 10000

TechOzone™ 20000

Ozone Production Capacity

550 ~ 1100 mg/hr

1000 ~ 9000 mg/hr

Oxygen Production

105 CFM

Oxygen production Range

25 - 100%

Generation Method

UV Tube

Corona Discharge

Oxygen Exit Diameter

PVC 4" ABS Plastic

Energy Consumption

150 Watts

80 Watts

Operational Voltage

220 ~ 240 VAC

Fuse Ratings

2 Amperes

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الرها المتطورة
الرها المتطورة
18 Apr 2020 05:52 PM
كم الحجم او بالمساحة التى يغطيها هذا الجهاز
وكم المدة بعد التعقيم يظل المكان مأمن ضد الفيررسات والميكروبات وهل يقضى ايضا على الكورونا
19 Apr 2020 05:29 PM
يكفى الى ٢٥٠ متر مربع
وينتظر لمدة ١٥ دقيقة بعد فصل الجهاز لدخول الغرفة بعد التطهير
المكان يحافظ على التطهير لمدة ٣ ايام اذا لم يتم التلوث الخارجى من أشخاص أو ملوثات خارجيه
09 May 2020 12:38 PM
هذا الجهاز يستخدم في المسجد الحرام والمسجد النبوي
لكن مكتوب عليه 2000 بدل 1000
ونشوف بالصور عمال النظافة يستخدمونه على السجاد
هو يطلع هواء أو أشعة ؟
وليه غير موجود في الموقع بقوة 2000 زي اللي يستخدم بالحرم
Nabeel altoliqi
Nabeel altoliqi
27 May 2020 06:43 PM
Product for car how match the price and what is the model of this type
17 Aug 2020 07:28 AM
هل يوجد جهاز لتعقيم مياه الخزانات ؟
احمد الشريف
احمد الشريف
07 Jan 2021 07:21 AM
ما هي أسعار مختلف نماذج التعقيم تك الاوزان ؟
وهل يوجد منه ضرر على الموجودين في المكان وهو يستخدم ؟

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