Risks resulting from ozone layer damage

Risks resulting from ozone layer damage
The ozone gas in the atmosphere is being reduced over time, due to man's neglect of nature, through the burning of leaves, trees, straw, car exhaust, factory exhausts and other factors that cause ozone layer degradation. next one:

- The leaves are yellowed.
- Human skin and animals are exposed to burning and damage to skin cells.
- Injury to sun strikes of humans.
- Long-term lifelessness on the planet.
- caused a defect in the universe created by God Almighty.
- There is no oxygen in the earth, and therefore the death of animals and organisms.
- Earth is exposed to the problem of global warming due to global warming.
- The leakage of U-VB radiation to plants, which reduces their production, such as soybean plant, which is exposed to extinction by 23%, because of exposure to this harmful radiation.
- Some plants are exposed to chemical changes, due to leakage of ultraviolet rays.
- In addition to allowing ultraviolet rays to enter the earth, they may break down the chlorofluorocarbon compound, resulting in the release of inactive chlorine atoms.
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