TechOzone 150

TechOzone 150

Specification for HVAC Tech Ozone™ 150


Indoor Air Treatment:            Ozone Monitoring for indoor treatment is advice


Supply Gas:                 Ambient Air


Ozone Output:             1100, 1650, & 2200 mg/hr respectively (will produce 10% more for first week)


Control Options:          Low/Off/Hi rocker switch. Fully variable control for ozone output, and variable fan speed.               

Weight & Dimensions: 6.5" L X 5.75" W X 13" H / 4.9lbs.


Electrical:                     12-13 VDC 2.25 amp from a 100-240 volt 40 watt Wall Adapter with North American

style plug for use in USA and Canada. Lighter plug also included for use in vehicles, etc. (240 volt adapters available on request).

            Dimensions:               Control box: 5" W X 22" H X 3"D. Tube mount W/tube installed: 10" x 10" x

15.75 long

            UV Tube Life expectancy: 12 – 15 months plus


Cabinet:                       Stainless Steel Chassis with High Strength CPVC Cabinet and ABS 4” Plastic


PLC program USB :     to control and calibrate  recommended ozone concentration


Smart remote control :   Turn  on/off the unit  and ozone concentration control


Uses:                            The HVAC-C is a duct mounted ozone generator designed for use in a commercial

building or office. This unit does not have a variable control for adjusting the output. An ozone controller is required if used in an occupied area.

Options:                      Standard unit comes with 0.4 sqm cable between control box and UV tube. Optional is a

1 sqm cable or on special order up to 10 sqm.


Installation is a breeze, simply make 2, 3, or 4  1.5" holes and mount the tube support and control box using the supplied self tapping screws. Install the tubes and plug it in. Connecting to an ozone controller is also very easy, no electrician needed, the HVAC-C has a built in interlock that runs on 12vdc so all that is needed is low voltage wiring between ozone generator and controller.

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