TechOzone 25

TechOzone 25

TechOzone™ 25G Specification

Max Ozone Production

Lbs./day (grams/hr)

1.5 (30)

Maximum Ozone Concentration

% weight

8 %

Maximum Reactor Pressure

Psig (bar)

15 (0.8)

Feed Gas Flow Range

scfh (lpm)

7~15 (3.3~7.1)

Water Inlet and Outlet fittings

Inches (mm)

1.5”(38.1) sanitary fittings

Air Cooling

scfm (lpm)

240 (6796)


H x W x D

Inches (mm)

46.4 x 22.1 x 55.0

(1179 x 561 x 1397)

Product Net Weight

Lbs. (kg)

215 (98)


1.    Purification and sterilization of floors, walls, surfaces and tools using ozone water

2.    Completely eliminate microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses

3.    Ease of mobility

4.    Strength and speed of impact by 100%

5.    Do not use harmful chemicals and store disinfectants

6.    Production of ozone in the place of direct use

7.    The external body of the vehicle is stainless steel 316 stainless steel

8.    Ozone cart system is integrated

How to use?

v  Plug in Play, source of electricity 220 ~ 230 VAC

v  Connected to the water source

v  Operating with water pressurized spray nozzle

                PC Series: Easy and cost effective portable ozone systems

The portable TechOzone ozone systems incorporate in Canada with high concentration ozone/oxygen generation systems with onboard pump, compressor, and mass transfer system in a rugged, all-stainless steel package. Simply connect plant water in and get high concentration ozonated water out with no loss of flow or pressure. The TechOzone systems are ideal for barrel washing, tank sanitization, surface disinfection, and other point-of-use applications.

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محمد لطفي
محمد لطفي
19 Jun 2022 01:58 PM
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اود ان اشكركم علي ما تقدمونه لخدمة الانسان ولي الشرف والتطلع ان اتعاون معكم وابني معكم شراكة فى هذا المجال في مصر واود واتمني ان اتواصل مع السادة المسئولين عن كبفية التعاون بيناا فى مصر
شاكر لحضرتكم حسن استماعكم
للتواصل واتس 00201286363192

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