TechOzone™ 10G Specification

Ozone output

 10 g/h

Rated power (W)


Operation voltage (V/Hz)

110/220V AC

Oxygen flow (L/min)

0.5 ~ 3

Oxygen concentration (%)


Outlet pressure (Mpa)


Sound level  (dB)


Product Net Weight (kgs)


Product Dimension (mm)

301(L) x 277(W) x 393(H)

Functions and Features:

1. Stable performance and compact size

2. Easy installation with reasonable design

3. Fan cooling mode & with a big cooling fins area

4. Quartz tube can be easily cleaned, should it become contaminated.

5. High ozone concentration with dry air source

Ø  100% check ozone concentration

Ø  100% burn-in test

Ø  100% 304 stainless steel and ozone compatible material

Ø  Suitable for water treatment/air treatment/medical treatment

Ø  1g/h-2g/h ozone output available

1.   Ozone Output: 10g/hr adjustable

2.   Built in Oxygen Concentrator

3.   High ozone Concentration: >55 mg/L at 3 L/min

4.   Built in Air Compressor

5.   Light Weight : 19.5kg with Package

6.   Generating Method: Canadian Corona Discharge

7.   Wall Mount or Stand Design

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