Harvey Rosen Award

Harvey Rosen Award
Mr. Barry Loeb (Right), Editor-in-Chief of the Ozone Science & Engineering presents
the “Harvey Rosen Award” to Dr. Jasim at the Award Ceremony at the IOA/IUVA World
Congress in Paris, France, May 2011.
Dr. Saad Jasim and his co-authors received the International Ozone Association’s Harvey Rosen Award for the period 2009-2010.
The Harvey Rosen Award recognizes the best paper published in Ozone: Science & Engineering for the two-year period preceding an IOA World Congress.
The selection of the award is made by the Editorial Board of OS&E.
Paper detail: “Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Drinking Water: Part I. Occurrence and Removal of Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds from Lake Huron Water” by: Mohammad Feisal Rahman, Earnest K. Yanful, Saad Y. Jasim, Leslie M. Bragg, Mark R. Servos, Souleymane Ndiongue and Devendra Borikar.
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